Think it’s funny the 2019 Football Champions Ohio State Buckeyes Shirt wasting millions and doing nothing but trying to impeach Trump on grounds of pressuring Ukraine when Ukraine has said there was no pressure. Again Democrats believing what they want the truth to be. Every politician you support the decision to impeach should be personally financially responsible for all costs associated with the impeachment process if it is determined that the president did not commit the impeachable offense!  Marty sorry, you want the senate to follow the constitution while the Democrats follow their agenda. I’ve been following CNN because it is the only one available here and even their analysts said that the Democrats has not properly and convincingly presented their case, stop dreaming and face the reality, my dear.

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Harre yes, watching, reading, the 2019 Football Champions Ohio State Buckeyes Shirt researching. Republicans won’t even say “he didn’t do it ” under oath. The only argument they seem to have is the process. Considering most of them seem to be involved with their own personal scandals or involved in some way they can’t say much without prosecuting themselves. They acting like a bunch of fools. Because the testimony is pretty telling in itself. There is no crime here. There never was. No witness can testify there was any bribery or quid pro quo… This is a face-saving tactic from the Democrats that are going nowhere. They couldn’t make a logical case for anything even after bullying literally every Republican witness. This partisan farce show trial is just another example of why politicians cannot ever be trusted

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  1. John Green

    First time users, ordered 2 T shirts with the logo design of a charity we act as ‘elves’ for in our area. I found the whole design process very easy (had looked at other companies and these were far more complicated). Excellent choice of products and sizes, no minimum order and quick turn around. I’ve just ordered two more. I’m hoping more Elves will want them next year

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.