Or as some would try to 2020 Championship Super Bowl Champions Shirt say He was exercising his 2nd Amendment right. It is no joke but what do people expect. I have had firearms in my house but they have always been put up where my children and grandchildren cannot touch them. Cannot any of these ” responsible gun owners”, keep their precious guns locked away from kids? Who’s supposed to be taking care of the kids? I guess those parents/adults/whoever, is too busy on their cell phone, complaining that “somebody’s trying to take away my gun!” I don’t know the whole story, so I’m not going to judge her..maybe the parents were horrible parents..why was the little girl in the hospital?

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Did the parents hurt her?? I don’t know. There has to 2020 Championship Super Bowl Champions Shirt  be more to this story. I would hope there is a good reason for her to do this & I’m sure she wasn’t in that hospital by her choice. Some of the mental hospital treatments are very difficult to go through & painful.  I can not support Bernie. An independent will never get this legislation through Congress. Look at what GOP did to ACA? Bernie can not win. Even if does his promises will not be able to be kept and the pendulum will swing again. Need some stability. With courts stacked don’t know what will happen to ACA. It will be worse with Medicare for all. You will lose votes with that title. National healthcare yes. I want more specific info on how it will be done and how to pay for it.

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  1. John Green

    I had a teeshirt arrive and the colour of the printing was not what I had ordered. Streetshirts put this right immediately and I received the correct printed teeshirt very quickly. It is obvious that this conpany takes your custom very seriously. Thanks Streetshirts!!!

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