It’s a bad program. Lawyers specialize, esp. in 2020 Entertainment’s Amazing Stan Lee shirt  L.A. She might learn about one area of law but not the other 19 that will be on the bar exam. And if she did manage to pass she would be incompetent in all those other areas, yet allowed to practice law in them. She didn’t even go to college, let alone law school. Charles Cuff, if it was your butt on the line, would you want her as your lawyer? Unless you can honestly say yes, she shouldn’t be a lawyer.  If we could stop labeling and dividing ourselves into separate categories ee may actually stand a chance as a species. The only tace that matters is the Human Race. We are different only because we CHOOSE to be bound by the past, a past we refuse to goof.

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A past we refuse to grow beyond. If we continue to 2020 Entertainment’s Amazing Stan Lee shirt go by a misguided past we will destroy ourselves long before we see the future.   They would probably say that the Navy is honoring Doris Miller by naming an aircraft carrier and not name his race if until now great men and women were not honored because of their skin color. There was a black platoon that was instrumental in liberating France during WWII, the French gave them the highest medal they could give people, not in the French military. The United States has still not honored their bravery, because of their skin color. The bigotry still exists.

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  1. John Green

    This is exactly what I needed, a cheap 1 off t-shirt with a fast turn around time. I wasn’t counting the days before the product arrived, but they claimed they hadn’t met their own stringent deadlines so sent me a voucher for money off my next order. Such a great product and great service – can’t fault it!

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.