We can blame the 35th Years Of The Goonies 1985-2020 signature shirt school but I find it impossible to believe the parents didn’t already know something was very wrong. The child wasn’t acting differently at home? Why did she do it is the real question. why were parents not aware? Because they were not involved in their child’s life. We always want to  Block do u know how many children keep this stuff inside. How they smile on the outside. How many people kill themselves every dam day and no one had a clue. I do but it’s our job as a parent to read nonverbal clues and look for signs of depression instead of blaming everyone else.  The parents should’ve been made aware of her speaking about suicide maybe thus could’ve saved her life if the parents had a heads up.  In 95% of the cases, parents don’t bother stepping in. Not.one.bit.

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2 weeks ago at the 35th Years Of The Goonies 1985-2020 signature shirt airport, the migration area, 4 kids were running all over the place, running between complete strangers and not one parent tried to keep them close. I read the article Twice, it says nothing about her being arrested prior to this incident. Just arrested after they reviewed the video and the evidence of neglect came to light. it was a bad accident! And it was not intentional at all! She has 3 small children, I’m sure if she was sitting on the Stairs she was close by, it only takes a second for something like this to happen! I see parents allowing their kids to run wild in places every day!!!!

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  1. John Green

    The design and ordering process couldn’t have been simpler. Just took a screengrab of the artwork I wanted, uploaded it, selected the T-shirt colour and that was it. T-shirt arrived, lovingly packed in a few days and the quality is good. Satisfied with the price too, especially as it’s a one-off. Will be ordering another one for my girlfriend as a xmas pressie.

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