I can hear the According to my nipples summer is over shirt phone call now, Please Please make promises to me, you only have to keep them for another year and then I’ll help you all you want, ask for anything, just help me get elected. Not going to work! The vast majority of us are not your base! Your base cannot carry you through this! As an Independent, I’m appalled he would think a snake oil salesman ad would actually appeal to me rather than credible facts based on an investigation! If he’s done nothing wrong he’ll be exonerated, if not he deserves to be impeached and swiftly. That kind of money is breathtaking. People who are paying attention will take care to avoid political ads at all cost.

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I am getting absolutely flooded with ads from him on the According to my nipples summer is over shirt . That’s been going on for at least 6 months. Imagine the kind of good we could do with a million dollars a week.Well considering his campaign made  million in donations they can spend it on anything they want that has to do with the campaign. I’m sure he would spend a million of the campaign money flying his married lover around like Omar did. This one does. Not only am I fully supportive of the decision, I will contribute financially and volunteer for the lawmakers who are at ‘risk’ for doing the right thing by backing impeachment.This is another stunt that I believe will back fire worse than the previous Presidential election along with  hearing.And the circus is going to become wilder.

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  1. John Green

    Thank you for the personal service you offer with efficiency. So pleased with the tee shirts as my campaign is close to my heart literally

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