If you bother reading real research about This Is America USA Flag Childish Gambino shirt these inflammatory syndromes, you will see that they are genetic. The way this work is that the immune system basically “babysits” these genes until the immune system gets busy doing something else, and when they are triggered. It can be the common cold, it could be vaccines, it could be anything that causes the immune system to divert it’s attention to something else. It can even be allergies. This is known. It should not surprise a single, solitary doctor that we would see an uptick in this gene being activated when there is a new virus going around that kids don’t have immunity to yet. It is not the coronavirus “causing“ the inflammatory syndrome. It is genetic. It is already there in that child’s body. It can be triggered by many things.

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No physician on the This Is America USA Flag Childish Gambino shirt planet should be surprised that they would see an increase in cases of something that is triggered by the immune system being “busy.” BC you see increasing numbers of this during heavy flu seasons as well. It is only making news because it’s being used for fear. Go talk to a pediatrician and ask them how worried you should actually be about this. Because they will tell you “not worried at all.” In fact, most pediatric offices are even sending out emails to their patients explaining this and telling them they have no reason to be fearful or worried. Stop drinking up every fear-based article the news is pedaling.

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