I know people that changed state because of Baby Yoda hug Nine Inch Nails shirt tobacco prices or to move to a state where marijuana is legal. If you don’t think people will move over something like this you’re about as bright as midnight in the woods. Olsen told ABC News that he intends for the legislation to act as a way of reducing the number of abortions based on his own belief that life begins at conception. He said he didn’t want to make it harder in cases where the mother’s life is at stake and wanted to give doctors that discretion.” Ramirez De Pomona if it’s a living thing at the moment of conception then remove it from my body and place it on life support until it can sustain itself. Oh, wait, that’s not possible, so the already living person comes before the potential life.  “Life begins at conception” is nothing more than the anti choices favorite phrase.

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Saying life begins at conception is purposely misleading. What people like you a Baby Yoda hug Nine Inch Nails shirt other anti choices fail to comprehend is that you are trying to attempt to confuse simple biological cell division both with actual pregnancy, and personhood….these are very different things. I’m not wrong. I said half of all abortions are from failed birth control, not that birth control fails half the time. Learn some reading comprehension and come back please lol at a 1% failure rate that’s still over 100,000 unwanted pregnancies a year. Brown and a scientist. I only took an opinion on science, not the law.

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    Bought a tshirt with picture on, fast service. The Tshirt came in a couple of days and kept updated where my order was. Would recommend and definitely use again.

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