It will be interesting to Baylor Bears Best Dad Ever Father’s Day Shirt see if the Queensland Government whips out that bazooka and blows all alternative bids from companies out of the water. That way they may have overpaid for an asset and be a proud owner of a un restructured 2nd tier airline that has lost money every year for about the last 10 years that will be subject to some of the most ferocious competition forces ever seen in any market in Australia. It looks like they are strapped in and ready for takeoff. One can only hope that Virgin workers will be thankful and eager to hand out how to vote cards at the upcoming election and if they would have been better served under private enterprise ownership.




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Glover private enterprise enjoys regular socialist handouts from Baylor Bears Best Dad Ever Father’s Day Shirt governments state and federal in Australia Are they efficient in their enterprises by getting their mates in government to rob our country to prop up their businesses? Socializing the losses of a company diverts funds from other very needy social services. Just cause you want it to remain in your state is not a good enough reason to sink billions of much-needed funds into one of the poorest investment categories ever. The private sector couldn’t turn it to profit since its inception. How do you think a government could do it any better? That will certainly become interesting when the State Government-owned airline falls out with the Federal Government Federal Minister and its reporting agency CASA, . Grab the popcorn this will be interesting for years to come.

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    Really quick service, really easy to use design tools. And a free sweetie! Thank you.

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    Easy editing experience, great quality tshirt, and the printing is perfect too! Super quick dispatch and delivery, and very reasonably priced.

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