Usually when a company goes to the Best Dad Ever Father’s Day Missouri Tigers Shirt wall and administrators are seeking a buyer, creditors have to take a haircut on debt. Presumably, this is what will happen with Virgin. Try and keep an open mind, I’m sure there will be a lot of demand for domestic travel within Australia in the near future as Aussies decide to holiday at home. The QLD government can’t even manage their own economy and they have some of the best mining and agriculture in the country! Yet they want to try to get involved in an airline?! Wow I’ve seen it all! We are all complaining that there is too much foreign investment in our country.


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Now that an Australian company is looking to Best Dad Ever Father’s Day Missouri Tigers Shirt buy a stake in it, you are all still complaining. The business could be restructured to be profitable then the money stays here. Let’s not shoot it down before we actually know what the plan is. Expect the rest of Australia to bail out qld again? Do you want coal and mines and reef? We don’t care anymore. 150000 other tourism industries around the country. You voted liberal. Perhaps they could go halves with Northern territory and create a Northern Territory and Queensland Air Service. It’s a long name but maybe they could come up with a catchy acronym.  Taxpayers money to buy a private business that loses billions every year . We need a second airline but I’m not so sure about this. It would need to be cut back to bare bones just to break even. I suspect most regional routes would have to be culled to make it viable

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