A government that is already broke intends to Best Dad Ever Father’s Day Oklahoma Sooners Shirt put money into a company that owes 6 billion dollars. A small supplier who will be lucky to see 2 cents in the dollar would expect to see my state government in batting for my small business to ensure I get everything owing to me and my staff. Queensland State government should be out there to all support creditors. I also think that the Queensland State government would be best-servered spending State money on providing unmatchable incentives to get the new investors to base the airline all over QLD. Virgin is in administration. The previous owners no longer wish to fund the business as a going concern, so they lose their ownership. The business will need to be recapitalized by whoever decides to buy it out of administration. If one of those entities is the QLD govt it will not be 100% foreign-owned.


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This is exactly what the NZ government did for Best Dad Ever Father’s Day Oklahoma Sooners Shirt Air NZ in the 2008/9 financial crisis and some years later sold down their equity at a profit. This meant taxpayers got a return. It is also similar to what the NZ government is currently doing for Air NZ with a loan that can be converted to equity if a future capital raising is not successful. The Queensland tourism industry – a major earner for the state – needs Virgin to be based in Queensland. This decision goes a long way to ensuring this will happen. The comments section here is a joke. People complain about everything being privatized and when the government tries to nationalize something they still complain, how about the armchair experts go find something constructive to do with your lives?

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