Your comments are crazy. I don’t know if you have ever worked a Birds of Prey Harley Quinn signature shirt paid social security, but many seniors like myself have paid into social security for many years. I paid into social security for 41 years. It will be a great sign for this administration to cut any benefits for seniors. What’s wrong with your thinking? Lee, you missed my sarcasm there, sorry. Trust I absolutely think those programs should be left untouched fro. the beginning. I have never understood how they keep saying it’s going to run out of money yet borrow against it. If they want to cut then everyone who paid in should get back every dime of what they paid and be able to place it in a personal investment account of their choosing. Watkins, you seem to have missed all the comments coming from the President and several Republican leaders who have all said following their tax bill they would have to look at cuts to these programs, and the president himself just recently said they are looking at cuts.

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thankfully those mega corporations reporting record-high profits, while continuing to Birds of Prey Harley Quinn signature shirt create record-high wage gaps are safe from paying to operate and benefit grossly People who have this pay just like working families. The only difference is Medicare/Social Security is all the money we get, which we have paid into all of life. (52yrs)…We paid taxes on it through the years, but we still pay tax on it again for the rest of lives. This is money we have earned.


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