That’s what happens when u vote for Blanche Notorious B.E.A shirt someone who conned u! Whose still doing a fabulous job of conning people. I mean just ask the students from trump university! Trumpeters shout about how they don’t want socialism yet the government is giving bailouts to the farmers. Not nearly as old as the discovery in Egypt but I guess this find was significant because apparently no one knew that the Chinese did the whole mummy thing. This had to have been a princess or someone of great nobility. The mummy was covered up by many many beautiful layers of fabrics. It was amazing.

Blanche Notorious B.E.A shirt, sweater, hoodie, and ladies tee


Ladies tee


Best Blanche Notorious B.E.A shirt

I don’t get it when she left you guys were saying what a Blanche Notorious B.E.A shirt joke the White House is. No one wants to be there. She is smart for leaving. She is returning and now you guys are saying what a joke the White House is. She is stupid for returning.  The other million square miles of Antarctica are covered in snow and ice and the temperature around 58 degrees below zero. What a biased piece of yellow journalism. But that is what we have come to expect from ABC news, We will need all of mankind’s capacity and every country on earth to be united and face this doom head-on. Climate change isn’t fake news anymore. It is past the doorsteps, it is now causing global extinctions.which has adopted the docudrama approach to news reporting!


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