My husband and I volunteered with the Bruce Bochy Thank you boch shirt. Our local Catholic church to go to our local prison to speak to the women about Christianity. We had an orientation with all the other churches and we told we had to call any of the prisoners in jail by the name they wanted to be called. If they were a male and wanted to be called Miss so and so or vise versa then we had to do it or don’t come back. This was the same with the prison employees or they were fired. I was shocked…and this is in the South.the teacher is publicly making his opinion about this person known to all his students. This is obviously very difficult for this person to be going through in the first place. The conscience of the teacher feels better doing this and claims a religious right? I think God would prefer compassion.It would not impact the teacher at all to use the preferred pronouns.

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Not using them would impact the Bruce Bochy Thank you boch shirt . It’s not hard to do something small for others, that doesn’t affect you.It doesn’t matter what my personal beliefs are. No one pays me for having beliefs unless I work for the Church. As long as no one is harmed and I am not breaking any law, I will do as asked by my boss. The school had instructed this teacher on how to address the student. He refused and was fired.
I can’t see how he has a case here.Where I work now children are allowed to address me by my first name and is the norm. I worked at another school and when children did this my co teacher would flip on them. I had no problem with it either way

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  1. John Green

    Fantastic!! Extra quick delivery and the shirts and hoodies look great. Just about to make and then order! Thank you!

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