Can you imagine the constant hysteria that would exist throughout each day if the Cannabis I’m blunt because God rolled me that way shirt media outlets, governors and so on shared each new case and death statistics of each epidemic and pandemic that exists hour by hour, publication by publication? Heart disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity, dementia, flu, cancer, starvation, addiction, suicide, asthma, overdose, pneumonia, hepatitis B, PTSD, etc, etc … just a flood of sadness and negativity? Roughly 150,000 people die each day globally, shocking, but true, but focusing on a fact such as this perpetually doesn’t exactly make people feel well, in fact, this would be a self-destructive practice. “Positivity is a powerful potion, negativity is a debilitating drug.”

Cannabis I’m blunt because God rolled me that way shirt, sweater, hoodie, and ladies tee


Ladies tee


Best Cannabis I’m blunt because God rolled me that way shirt

The current mass efforts are to help stop the Cannabis I’m blunt because God rolled me that way shirt spread of C19, understandable, I get it, but what about all other pandemics? The people suffering from them deserve immediate action backed by everyone wholeheartedly as well, budget-wise, government wise, helping hand wise, social media viral attention wise, agree? I do. Building immunity to viruses, a healthy diet, overall hygiene (not just handwashing), not abusing alcohol and drugs and so on should be common practices, yet there are millions of people out there that abuse their bodies then are shocked to learn of a negative health condition, we can do a lot more individually as civilians to help decrease the national pandemic statistics. Back to a point I made in an earlier post on my feed, currently, there aren’t enough masks and ventilators at the hospitals, yet the government allows $300,000,000 dollar movie budgets … the definition of prioritizing failure.

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  1. Kelsea Brown (verified owner)

    Can’t fault them, love the shirts.

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  2. Irene Haskins (verified owner)

    The quality of your shirts are amazing. Super speedy delivery Would reccomend.

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  3. Sandy Smith (verified owner)

    Excellent quality exactly what I wanted and fast prompt service thank you very much would highly recommend to friends and family.

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  4. Richard E.Davies (verified owner)

    I ordered a pink sweatshirt with a customised print on top, I was so pleased with the quality of both the actual sweatshirt and the way my print came out. The print wasn’t pixelated, and the colours of the print were exactly the same as the actual photo.

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  5. Doug Horton (verified owner)

    Just got my third shirt. Was as good as designed with distinctive colours. More business should follow in time.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.