You caught up in the I can’t breathe #GeogeFloyd shirt reasons why and not the response to those reasons, which again, was the same. Doesn’t matter if the protest was against England, their response was still looting in protest out of frustration with a flawed system. I can’t make that any clearer for you, so if you don’t want, or simply can’t comprehend this, fine. As for police brutality not being indicative of the whole force, that might be accurate, no one group of people is entirely good or bad. However, over-policing is disproportionately applied to African Americans and Hispanics. When the good cops remain silent about it, do nothing to stop it, and stand by and let it happen, how do you differentiate between the good ones and the bad ones? Always saying “It’s one bad apple?” well how many bad apples does it take to determine that the harvest is rotten?


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Having representation is wonderful, but representation without I can’t breathe #GeogeFloyd shirt any power to enforce change is ineffective. Representation didn’t help Rodney King, Trayvon Martin, Philandro Castile, Sandra Bland, or a long list of others. Are things better than they have been, yes, some progress has been made, are things equal for all Americans, no. Until America lives up to its promise of liberty and justice for all, it can’t sit in moral judgment on how any oppressed group vents it rage. People aren’t asking that you make special allowances for them, they are demanding that you enforce the very beliefs that this country claims are its principles. Now having said all of that, do I wish the destruction of property would stop? Of course, any sane person would. But do I understand the rage and frustration fueling these actions? Yes, any empathetic person would.

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