Yeah a Dadzilla father of the monsters vintage shirt gentle guy, so why are protesters violent? They are dishonoring him with their looting, stealing, and violence. No, this isn’t about George anymore, it’s about criminals wanting to destroy this country. They should be forced to live in their decimated communities to remind them how stupid they are. Our military is what kept us safe for the last hundred years. It’s what we as people choose to do with that safety that will define us.. But we are all fools if we think this unrest is about one person. These riots actually have corporate backers. This is organizations purposely trying to divide us as a nation. Let’s just hope they don’t win.I’ve seen that and it’s discrediting actual legit protest.


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We have been the divided states of Dadzilla father of the monsters vintage shirt America since inception by choice of government. Now These people have a platform to cause chaos because nobody cared for so long. Cause and effect. I hear ya. The worst part about it is that I don’t see anybody in leadership with the strength to really pull this back together. Maybe apply a Band-Aid but not to truly fix the issues. And when I say nobody, I don’t think there’s anybody on either side of the political spectrum… It’s sad that what I once thought would unite us all is constantly being used to divide us all. You seem like a kind soul. If only the protesters would listen to you. Sorry for all the disrespect being shown to your brother’s memory.

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