His life mattered but it was as if his murder was the Denver Broncos Superman Shirt last straw. This isn’t simply in his name. It’s in the name of every single victim. Every single life that has been taken because of the skin. It about a race of ppl losing hope in a system where no justice is found and those same ppl acting out of fear. So many simply refuse to understand or just don’t want to. Others are simple hate-filled. They don’t understand fearing for their life, their children live because of color. His life mattered but its not simply his life. Black people are feeling hopeless and tired. Home on your sofa. Die. Shopping..die. Jogging. Die. And NOTHING is done about it.


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Looting is unacceptable, burning buildings and the Denver Broncos Superman Shirt like is crazy but these are the actions of ppl without hope living under a system that offers none. I get it. But then my skin is Black and so are my loved ones.  Yeah a gentle guy, so why are protesters violent? They are dishonoring him with their looting, stealing, and violence. No, this isn’t about George anymore, it’s about criminals wanting to destroy this country. They should be forced to live in their decimated communities to remind them how stupid they are. What he said is exactly what I’ve been saying this whole time; they are using what happened to George as an excuse to be criminals.

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    Love my top so much, great comsand printing with very fast delivery too.

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    I ordered t shirts with a bespoke print. The t shirts are good quickly and the print quality is great. They arrived really fast.

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    So impressed with the speedy service and excellent quality of my shirts. Have already placed a second order. Thanks so much guys.

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    Brilliant t shirt fantastic service got it in 2 days of ordering will definitely use this company again.

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    Highly delighted with my bulk order. Good quality T shirt and print and delivered on time. Can’t ask more.

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