I remember he was fired just before he had his time in Dog stirring the pot 2020 shirt …..will they award it to him? I have seen him on many news and talk shows. He always comports himself well. It seems to be a straight shooter. Looks like the unintended consequence of Trump’s Tweeting is that he has thrown a light on Barr’s nefarious and criminal acts in the DOJ. The optics are bad and he’s backing off to pretend he still cares about “Justice”. McCabe will be counted a Patriot by History. Collett you must not have watched the impeachment it’s all there. He is on video saying it all and his son making millions. spoken like a true libtard who is blind.  McCabe was fired from the FBI on March 16, 2018, after the Justice.

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Department’s inspector general concluded that McCabe misled in Dog stirring the pot 2020 shirt investigators looking into how the Justice Department and FBI officials handled matters associated with the 2016 presidential election. Stone was convicted on seven charges, you fool. Five counts of lying to investigators, one charge of Obstruction, and a charge Why are these people not being held accountable for this… They locked up and charged several of Trumps’ supporters for this and they continue getting away with crap… So disgusted with the system of laws that Dems have their own special laws.of Witness Intimidation!!! He threatened someone’s LIFE. The facts do not support an investigation into McCabe plain and simple. But they did for Trump.so stop crying about Trump. This man is quilty needs to be in jail like so many for a few years now. Just ridiculous.

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    The price, the quality, the speed of the delivery once sent out was all fantastic! reasonably priced and quick delivery, also quality of product was brilliant, will use again to design another shirt very soon, only gripe is the time it took to send it out, but apart from that nearly perfect

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