Falconer Not being able to Donald Trump Coin 2020 shirt survive outside the womb does not mean a 6-week old fetus IS NOT ALIVE. It just means you took it out of an environment it could thrive in and put it in one it cannot. Like taking fish out of water. They’re only dead now because you removed them from where they can thrive. It’S really not that hard to understand. A 6-week old fetus is not dead or dormant and all of a sudden comes alive at 8 weeks. Come on ppl, let’s apply common sense.  De Pomona and btw technically if you don’t have certain brain activity you are considered dead and fetuses don’t have that brain activity until after 24 weeks, so yeah they aren’t a living person.

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De Pomona you are a man, you don’t get a Donald Trump Coin 2020 shirt vote! What if women decided the way to stop this was to castrate all men. Would that be ok with you? We care so much for the fetus and don’t care less when the child is born I’ve done both in my life gave my child up for adoption and another one in abortion none of these decisions lead me in happiness existence you will be scarred for life but they were. I want a bill passed that makes it mandatory that those who support this HAVE to adopt special physicians and the American Medical Association needs to speak up on these issues that should remain between a woman and her doctor.eds child, especially fast and drug-addicted babies.

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  1. John Green

    The price, the quality, the speed of the delivery once sent out was all fantastic! reasonably priced and quick delivery, also quality of product was brilliant, will use again to design another shirt very soon, only gripe is the time it took to send it out, but apart from that nearly perfect

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.