They do have a right to I don’t let same snake bite me twice shirt be mad. But they are taking it out on the wrong people. I don’t agree, but at least burning the police precinct down was relevant to their message… looting Targets and burning down restaurants? Not quite. so by your standard, this country was founded by a bunch of criminals. When they were pissed off about taxation without representation, they destroyed a whole lot of someone else’s property and dumped said property into Boston harbor. How dare those thugs right? Are you all sure that the rioters and protesters are one and the same? Because I see a lot of videos and photographs of skinny white boys dressed in black and wearing masks committing violent acts and whooping it up like they’re at a party.  I would have to disagree with your comparison.

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During that time in I don’t let same snake bite me twice shirt history, it was England taxing the hell out of all of the colonies and not allowing them any representation. I this case, it is police brutality caused by a few idiots. It’s not indicative of our police or justice system as a whole and African Americans do have representation within the police and judicial system. They have representation within the political arena as well. I really do not see the comparison you are trying to draw here. Then explain the looting, destruction of property both public and private. Explain why so-called protesters are destroying THEIR communities, the livelihoods of community-run businesses. And PLEASE don’t say people are mad. They are going to be madder when they have nothing left.

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