The Democrats should be very weary when it goes to the Easily distracted by Cats and fabrics shirt. The Senate many of the lying traitors will be subpoenaed, then grilled under oath about their thievery, lies, under handed tactics, so forth.  Heres the thing – Dems need independents – so do Republicans. Those rabidly supporting impeachment whatever are going to vote Democrat no matter what. Independents are going to be more serious about evidence and motives. Trump can’t help but be corrupt. Its in his nature, it is who he is. From the bone spur to n special counsel. He can’t help but lie or be untrustworthy. This is why he has to go.

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He’s a serious threat to the Easily distracted by Cats and fabrics shirt .He will never know who the whisle blower is, and it totally is getting to him that he cannot buy himself out of this. I hope he is gone soon, and takes his family with him, so tired of this circus. The point of this whole article is moot. He did it and he’s done it more than once; I’m sure there is plenty more on his secret server. He will be impeached.Not only did he claim it, it was true. In the past only first hand knowledge could be considered. Now, just days before this whistleblower officially came forward to the dems, the rule was changed to allow heresay. If heresay isn’t allowed in a court of law, it shouldn’t be allowed here. Dems can’t keep changing the goal posts and expect to be believed.

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