It’s amazing how some folks are allowed to the Gardner Minshew Magic shirt. Keep their integrity and remain soft, weak, and human even in guilt. While others are portrayed as vile, heartless, and animalistic in nature, even during innocence. The double standard is so disturbing and profoundly unfair. I give him such big credit and respect for doing this, whether she deserved it or not. We need more people like him in this world, maybe then our world would be better.Such strong lessons in this case. I hope Ms. Guyger now understands that race does not define your worth as a human. Your heart and how you live to serve others defines what it means to be a good human. God bless this family and may their acts of grace plant a seed for others.

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Their parents did an Gardner Minshew Magic shirt, amazing job with all of there children. They should be very proud. Not many people, if any, would be able to hug her. This young man is going to do amazing things, in his brothers name.This is the kinda love that Jesus thought his children should demonstrate while on earth I’m sure judging from the life that this young man lived he would’ve been very very well pleased with his Brother gesture.. A lot of people are talking trash about his beliefs. You dont have to believe in God. But this is a level of forgiveness that most of us can’t comprehend, let alone give. If it gives him peace with his Lord and in his own heart, that is all that matters. A lot of us stand to learn a lot from what he was able to do

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  1. John Green

    I love this t-shirt! The quality and colour is beautiful. The website is easy to use and the price is good. Delivery is quick and the little sweet is a lovely touch. Thank you.

  2. John Green

    Excellent quality top, washes well, looks fabulous and was delivered very quickly. I shall be the envy of shaved monkeys everywhere. Highly recommended.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.