As an LEO myself, I do have a Grey’s Anatomy 15th anniversary 2005-2020 signatures shirt honest question i would really like to hear people’s opinions on. I’m completely open to trying to understand where some are coming from and wanting to listen. But for those that say there should be “police reform” what does that entail or mean to u? What would u like to see happen? I had a long discussion yesterday with someone about it and they said more training. But here’s my thought on that, we train endlessly, but u can train till the cows come home and if u have a bad seed, they are still going to be there. So my question is, what does Police Reform look like to you? I would love an open and honest discussion about it. I’ll start by saying I have raised my children to respect the Police. That the only time you don’t like them is when you’ve gotten caught doing something your not supposed to. Let’s remove the violence.


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I live in North West Florida. Where a Grey’s Anatomy 15th anniversary 2005-2020 signatures shirt Policeman was caught on his own body cam planting drugs in someone’s truck that he was performing a traffic stop. He has many cases going back to traffic or being reversed. My question is AS officers when you KNOW your co-worker is stopping outside the boundaries who correct them? You all know the officers you work with is there a place you go to tell your concerns about an officer’s behavior? How do you feel about the situations that have recently occurred? Not just George Floyd but all of it.

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