I have been trading with a Half danish is better than none shirt .Him for two months plus now and he has turned my life , he saved me and my family with the maximum profit I got from him when I am about to loose my house to bank and after that, trading with him has boosted my financial life now I can boast with earnings from him I don’t depend on my salary anymore and I’m living comfortable life. I’m sure there will be some kind of consequence maybe. But folks taking responsibility its no different having a sibling when you were young and broke something and you took responsibility instead of the culprit.The killers only used the prince’s private plane, the embassy vehicles , some if not all were his people.

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They flew in the morning the Half danish is better than none shirt. Reporter had a scheduled appointment, they got to the embassy before the reporter, they left with “baggage” straight to the Prince’s plane. It was reported that a few may have stayed and left Turkey a day later. The reporter was videoed going in the embassy, a man dressed in his clothes was seen leaving, same time as the group but did not get in the vehicles, instead walked into a crowd, clothes later found discarded..But No, the Prince claims he knows nothing and TRump believes him, cause after all TRump says he’s a good guy and rented or bought floors of suites in his hotels/resorts.There must be something very damning in those phone call transcripts that the Trump administration hid on the top-secret server.

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  1. John Green

    I only ordered 2 days ago and received my 6 t-shirt as promised. They are awesome! The print is very good and the shirts are super comfy. Defo recommend using StreetShirts.

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