He’s afraid of the Halloween trick or treat shirt,  suffering but it was ok for him to hammer a person, pistol whip his gf to the point he broke her jaw, kill the man she dated, almost hit a 6 year with a bullet, but Cassandra Stubbs, we are supposed to feel sorry for this violent murderer who caused pain and suffering. Has a shoot out with the police too. Cassandra, get your head examined! He should of been executed from day one instead of dragging this out, having tax payers pay for his room and board. He didn’t earn special treatment when he made the conscious decision to hurt people. But I know you want to give him a lollipop cuz he’s been such a good boy. Let’s don’t pretend that the death penalty is for justice. Let us admit the death penalty is revenge.

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Halloween trick or treat Ladies tee


Best Halloween trick or treat shirt

The death penalty is largely applied to the Halloween trick or treat shirt. Over the last 20 years over 100 persons on death row have been proven innocent. No victim has come back from the dead and how does another death solve a problem. Whether one supports or opposes the death penalty, just be upfront that is about revenge. For all practical purposes it is state sponsored murder in the name of a States citizens. Accept the things you can change and know the difference. If they want to put themselves in a position where others must take care of them, let them. Someone will one way or the other. They know it. Their choice.

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  1. John Green

    The quality of the print and shirts is very good and they are very quick. The drawing tool is easy to use and has all Th necessary features. I can recommend them

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