Parker causes the cover of I’m done teaching Let’s go camping shirt darkness helps and they are boozed up and drugged up giving them more courage and some of them are working in organized planned raids with cars. A lot of criminals operate at night, the stores are also all closed. Elizabeth no one has seen any white Supremacists around. Antifa seems to be one of the major outside antagonizers. That is the Anti-Fascism group, and I don’t know what their major ethnicity is. But, I have not heard of any significant white supremacists groups involved anywhere, and I’m sure CNN and ABC would be yelling all about it if there were and the news is not. Anyway, the FBI has been given direction to clamp down on these outside groups involved in the rioting. They will and are being treated as domestic terrorism. A month ago, a woman shoots her husband in the head while driving south on I-75 in Georgia. She was just arrested and charged on 5/29/2020.

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My point is that sometimes to I’m done teaching Let’s go camping shirt get everything right, you have to take your time. The old saying “cross your t’s and dot your I’s ” is applicable. As bad as I hate to see it, I understand the protests and riots. People are mad as hell and have every right to be. No matter if that man had a criminal record (who knows), or if he really fought with police, the fact is, when he was cuffed and face down on the ground begging to breathe, begging for his LIFE, he wasn’t resisting. He was murdered plain and simple. What I can’t get behind are the looters just looking to cash in on this tragedy.

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