You are right Beth but, it won’t be just Democrats… Anyone of I’m Old Gregg shirt any party should be exposed for wrongdoing. I suggest that many in the GOP are very fearful, if not of Barr, of the humiliation they would suffer at the hands of Donald Trump. He doesn’t hesitate to immediately lash out at anyone who disagrees with him.. even in his own party. Surely you know that. To me and many others it’s true, look what they have done for the last 3 years? Name one good thing they’ve done. Wasted 50 million going after Trump and other Americans because they lost power. I think they are a disgrace and can’t wait till they pay the price.


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Please you liberals need to stay in I’m Old Gregg shirt your ruined liberal states not move to another state and try to destroy that one. I live on Long Island and I can’t wait to leave as well as many others I know unless we can get rid of you liberals then it would be great.  suggest you open your mind and realize that ‘Democrats’ are not your enemy. The GOP is not even recognizable anymore. There used to be compromise and respect even though they held different views. Second, if you need me to ‘name one good thing the Democrats have done’, then you just haven’t been doing quality research and listening too much to ultra far-right, often erroneous and conspiratorial theories & sound bites. In our country either party has a right to investigate possible wrongdoing of a President and those around them.

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    Nice t shirt, print size was as expected. Very quick service.

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    Good quality sweatshirt. Sizing accurate. Good customer service.

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    Ordered a hoodie on the Monday was with me by the Thursday. The hoddie didn’t come as I designed it but contacted them and they

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    Fantastic,lovely printing and quick first class job.

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    Brilliant t shirt fantastic service got it in 2 days of ordering will definitely use this company again.

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