I’m actually a Jack Daniels Whiskey sip me I’m Irish shirt  Independent because blind party loyalty should not over-shadow common sense, honesty and the best interests of our citizens. you obviously didn’t listen in your government class, so I’ll explain the process of Impeachment to you on your level of understanding: the House presents its the case in the investigation (prosecutors ) with its witnesses and evidence. The House made their rules for their house. They limited cross-examination, and Republicans were not allowed to call witnesses for the defense (the President ). This is due process. After all, this is done, House rests their case. It now moves to the Senate for trial where they have rules for their house. The prosecutors, House, Defendant, the President, Chief Justice Roberts, the presiding judge, and the Senate as jury.

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Can you tell me if you know of Jack Daniels Whiskey sip me I’m Irish shirt any court trial where the jury asks for more witnesses? Admit it, the House did not present a good case with hearsay witnesses. Not admissible in a normal court. They also had the opportunity to bring Bolton in during the investigation but Schiff decided not to do that. Put your anger where you should. Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, and Schumer let you down. Go back and check out the replies to Cathy Jones’s comment before you say there is no name-calling. Telling someone they are drunk or need to take their meds is an inappropriate learned reaction What a waste of time and money… I can admit they are geniuses when it comes to playing on words and twisting the truth.

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    John Green

    Having come across your website purely by accident. I submitted my design as a “experiment” having never customised anything before, and can I say I’m so glad I did. The quality of the sweatshirt was excellent as was the printing design. I couldn’t be happier. I received my item slightly later than expected but received a voucher as a complimentary goodwill and I will be recommending you in the future. My daughter would like me to order her something from you too… The only thing I’d say is, please can kids have a bit more choice on clothing. Otherwise fantastic product, great service and I look forward to ordering again from you soon.

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