The comission  did the Je veux Des Paillettes dans ma vie shirt right thing that’s what we need more that kind of effort to wipe out corruption in and out of the police force and even in high place wrong is wrong what the police officer did to the commissioner is wrong and here we are celebrating him good work commissioner the others must take a look you books they will learn something about morals and values but they to corrupt to even see what you done no one is higher than the law it applies to everyone but some of them abuse it especially on African Americans. When you are a leader, one must put self aside, and do what is best for those you are leading. I can understand from an emotional standpoint, how this fits, or seems ok to do.

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But today we have taken to Je veux Des Paillettes dans ma vie shirt. Thinking acting out emotionally is okay , rather than to use tact and wisdom.This served nothing but to bring public shame on the officer, and actually makes the Commissioner and the department look bad too. What a shame it was done this way. But I guess this is how we are raising our children, and leading our young people.Believe me I am totally down for calling this guy out, but not in the manner for which it was done. Leave emotions out of it next time, and I bet he would have chosen a different route to handle the situation. While people are berating the commissioner, I bet people are still dragging his name for a crime he didn’t do. He let him know he falsely accused him. Instead of taking up for some of these lowdown cops we should let them know we are watching them

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