I am an Independent. I used to Magaman Donny savage shirt vote Democratic. I did not vote for Obama. He divided this country and penalized those who could not afford his plan. I do not have health insurance at the moment. However, I support President Trump. I believe that he has our country’s best interests at heart. The decrease in some areas is restructuring to cut government waste as mismanagement. President Trump is a businessman, not a career politician. Look at the budget 2021 proposal. Where is the Democrat’s budget plan? How do they plan to decrease the deficit? If Medicare and Social Security are not fixed, it will not be there for us. Fewer people are putting into when they are young because fewer people work.

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Stop blaming President Trump for Magaman Donny savage shirt what previous administrations have done. For what we, the people, allowed our former leaders and government officials to do. The Democrats are twisting facts and trying to scare people in order to keep taking our money! Stop them! Let President Trump do the job we elected him to do. I want a future for my grandchildren.  Well, he certainly won’t get any help from the House on balancing the budget! He has to do everything himself! The House hasn’t put one budget forward thinks they are afraid because of all the money they want to spend!!! Medicare for all trillions upon trillions on climate change!! You haven’t seen anything yet!!! But not afraid to pay 32 million on a coup to take out president than how much on impeachment shame! REALLY!

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  1. John Green

    Quality of the T-shirts were great! Although my order wasn’t dispatched on estimated date, the communication between the customer service was great and managed to receive my T-shirts just in time

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.