This is truly going on- damaging the Metallic Hungary flag shirt resources middle class and lower-income have. Not being able to pay lawyers, financial planners, and trying to figure out insurance- health, medical, life, burial, pharmacy, is supposed to be understood by a 5th grader!! Hmmm- that’s not happening and even those in government positions have trouble interpreting! We are hanging on and waiting and praying for another president, Congress, representatives who know or remember what many of the people they are to represent and help are going through!! Bernie just 12 years ago touted that Venezuela-was the perfect model for America. The Venezuelan people have lost an average of 26 pounds per citizen and are being shot dead in the streets begging for water and food.

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Keep loving the Soviet democrats. You are now the Metallic Hungary flag shirt most vulnerable and disposable American today. No money, no power. No guns, no power. No right, no power.  My adult son was disabled in a motorcycle accident, broke several bones, thankful his head wasn’t one of them. His company insurance I thought was great, but I guess not. He has still not mended and his insurance keeps deigning his care. To him government insurance sounds great, he is thinking he would get the actual care he needs. I don’t know if that is realistic or not. What I do know is his private insurance isn’t covering his needs. He does not want to be and fears he will be disabled forever. Haigney sounds like you should try another job, education, training, trades are begging for people.

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  1. John Green

    Having ordered from StreetShirts before, I knew I was on to a winner with my latest order. Using gothic artwork by my talented wife Julie, I designed my shirt with picture and text front and back. I’m very particular about the appearance of my shirts. so I emailed detailed instructions regarding printing and positioning to the customer services team. Needless to say, my garment arrived incredibly quickly, and was printed exactly according to my requirements, to a very high standard. Well impressed and highly recommended!

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.