It’s actually all over the Mike Tyson The Legend Is Back Shirt internet, from dozens of sources. They are also finding that the Ventilators are their own kind of Death sentence. A DR in Texas has been prescribing Hydrochloroquine treatments with Zinc Sulfate, with remarkable results! No ventilator needed. Read more, or stay stupid.  Did you know that Vitamin C converts to Hydrogen Peroxide in your body? That’s an antiseptic! All by itself!! See if you can find a coloring book to explain, “Herd Immunity”. Sheltering in place prevents it. Most people now catch the virus from HOME.   they had it as you said and are not part of active cases so should not be counted as such.



Mike Tyson The Legend Is Back Shirt, sweater, hoodie, and ladies tee


Ladies tee


Best Mike Tyson The Legend Is Back Shirt

States are recommended to hit a Mike Tyson The Legend Is Back Shirt downward trajectory of cases or percentage of the population, and many states are fudging their numbers by adding the antibody tests to show they’ve tested more than they have. I’ve known her for a long time. And you want to know how I know her? I used to take care of her little boy who has chronic health issues that need his insurance. So before you start insulting someone you don’t even know you might need to know the facts.  What drives your extreme fear? We have 338 MILLION people in our country. Do you realize this? Yes any death is sad. But we are not quite at .03% nationally. Do you read the CDC website? It’s very informative. I would suggest you do it. And stop looking at only fear. Put this in perspective for your own mental health.

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