Btw the virus is not going away. By New York Jets And New York Yankees Superman Shirt opening and helping exposure to the majority of people, it will help diffuse the virus’s virility. I would suggest you also listen to dr Fauci as he suggested vitamins c and d, and taking care of your overall health. Here’s the article. I wish you peace and good health!   This Virus was actually reported in December 2018 and dismissed by the Genius in the Oval Office until The end of January! The CDC is now reporting that it believes in could have been in California as early as November.
June 13 th was not my deal it was our Gov. who advised June for those who are older or have other conditions which are my situation. As far as testing sure more cases will be reported. However, I believe it is not all due to testing. This virus can be active weeks without symptoms appearing and sometimes the person never even knows they are sick.


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So no it is not all testing. My question is how long will the New York Jets And New York Yankees Superman Shirt testing be used as a scapegoat for the increase in numbers? That is the same guy that advised you to Inject your self with a disinfectant such as Lysol on national television in his own news conference that I saw myself! Go on ahead and believe what you must! You have already drunk the Kool-Aid! They are reporting huge spikes in cases of COVID 19 in Texas throughout the state and they have not experienced a testing shortage there! You should let them know right away so World News Tonight will get it right!

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