So you think Roger Stone deserves more time in Peace Love Cure Diabetes Awareness shirt prison than a person that is convicted of rape? Find out all the facts before you voice your opinion and then maybe it will be worth more than 15 cents of nothing…LOL. Pay attention: The judge Roger Stone had presided over his case is a liberal, Democrat and activist with bias and so was one of the jurors. The juror lied about her being biased when she was selected for a jury member in this trial. Mr. Barr is a person of integrity and he saw that this sentence of Mr. Stone was overkill so to speak. The Dems, Leftists, and Libs want to punish anyone that supports our duly elected President and they will try it at all costs.

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Hillary lied to Congress. Comey lied to Peace Love Cure Diabetes Awareness shirt Congress. Brannon lied to Congress and Clapper lied to Congress and Adam Schiff lied to Congress. Where is their trial for lying to Congress? Oh! They seem to be above the law. There is that old Dem double standard again….that is why we will have four more years with President Trump and the Dems will lose seats in both the House and the Senate. Get ready to see Pelosi and Schumer and Waters’s heads explode with rage….but it won’t do them any good…they still won’t get relief from the fact they will be without power for years.  He doesn’t have the right. There are checks and balances. He is a dictator, with some fascism in his personality.

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    Easy to use software with very pleasing results. High quality t-shirt, extremely comfortable, with the design I created reproduced exactly as I wanted it. Great Service.

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