Entitlement programs have never flourished along with Pitbull I love mom shirt w welfare since people knew how to manipulate the system. Many people want free handouts and rely on govt. Please look at the govt housing and public schools in America they are failing. Govt should be limited. Take your philosophy and go to Greece to see how the economic policy works w it’s people when you have philosophy spending and implement programs like Obama. FYI how did that impeachment turn out? How much money was wasted on that for taxpayers over emotion? You’re telling me inside trading also does not occur in all facets of govt? There I’ll agree both parties are guilty and the fed govt should be completely revamped from top to bottom. As stated in the federalist papers “greed” will destroy Capitalism in its true form.  We could go on w regulations, privatization, etc.

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The matter is no one person pulls you out of a Pitbull I love mom shirt recession and statistics are skewed. Do not state that any one president at that time made those marks. Look at the policies over years later that they implemented and you will see how that worked out. Takes years w the rollercoaster of economics. Obama’s policies from several years ago now are not adding up!  I stated that his golfing or Benghazi was a waste? Do not remember stating any of that but making up a story is typical of you snowflakes lol just like they did w that impeachment. Democrats need to go focus on real matters at hand like infrastructure for example, not gold pens for signing a piece of paper.

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