Powers we should all Sue the Democrats for The seven dwarfs of fibromyalgia shirt money terribly spent, them sitting on their butts thinking of weird stupid things to do when we’re trying to move forward with this country. All the taxes and the money I paid to this country and look they do is sit on their lazy buts. Sore loser crybabies!! He has made good on all of his campaign promises. Some he had to bypass Congress but is getting the job done that he was elected do. The Democrats can’t find a way to win the next election so they will continue to whine cry and investigate. Wasting time and money on nothing.

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The democrats have not learned their lessons either, why The seven dwarfs of fibromyalgia shirt hell is wrong with democrats they are the party of hate, and you prove that daily, remember we are independent voters and there are millions of. Us and we always vote and this time it will not be democrat !!  I am not a Democrat, but Trump’s behavior is very concerning. If you look at history, what is happening now is very similar to what happened in Cuba, Venezuela and yes; Germany before the second world war. I do believe that the biggest issue we are starting to face is the danger of losing the freedom we are so proud of. Smith cites the credible evidence of your statement about him being a criminal. I searched the court’s database and he hasn’t been arrested for anything. Hammett no dude that’s left!

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    John Green

    The t-shirt arrived quickly enough, and the shirt/print were top quality (men’s heavyweight t). But the bonus was it came with an apology for being ‘late’ (it didn’t feel late) with a £10 voucher as compensation. So I went straight back online and designed another t-shirt – I like this company!

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