Have you listened to Sheep If you don’t have one you’ll never understand shirt Trump’s talk? I NEVER heard another president EVER say that anyone that didn’t vote for him was his enemy and human scum. So trump considers the majority of American citizens his enemy AND human scum. You seriously need to take a good look at the mirror before making a ridiculous comment about WHO is spewing hate. ormer employees, respected military generals, famous historians, reputable newspaper people ( I know some aren’t ), former business associates, reputable federal prosecutors and employees all have issues with this president’s methods and behavior. Yet you cult followers all defend his every assinine action and say it’s the Democrats’ behavior that’s causing the problems. There is a reason for the negativity.

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Cameron thanks for pointing out that you are a Sheep If you don’t have one you’ll never understand shirt  true ignoramus. There is not one liberal who is in favor of killing babies. Because a baby is a living being that has already been born, and every person I know, liberal or conservative, is fully against that. As for painting with that very broad brush that all liberals are against killing babies, which you probably mean as abortion, there is a difference there. And even though I personally would never consider an abortion, it is not my place or yours to tell anyone else what to do with their body. So I guess anything is better than a non-thinking Republican. Since his acquittal, some in Washington said they’re afraid Trump will be even bolder. They’re right. And Republicans won’t say or do a darn thing!

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  1. John Green

    Amazing as always. I have the coolest t shirts in all sorts of styles. My fave colour is pink, so I have many pink tees now with my fave prints on. And I’m always complimented. Thanks again guys x

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