After 20 years in the Sounds Gay I’m In Shirt Navy I was already home because after being stationed out of the U.S. .for over 7 years, we had returned to s.e. Virginia for my last 5 duty stations (3 ships and two shore stations. I understand some folks just do one tour in the military then return to their home town and family. The last thing I wanted to do was live in my home town in slower-lower Delaware. At my 30th class reunion, I found (from our alumni list) that 82% of my class of 172 graduates (originally we had 174, but 2 passed away in our senior year and everyone else graduated) lived in town or within 50 miles of our home town. After traveling as far east as Pakistan, as far west as Thailand, as far north as Nova Scotia and as far south as Antarctica (where I spent 13 months) sailing 8 oceans/season 5 ships, being stationed in 3 countries (Viet Nam 2 tours, Japan 3 1/2 years and Sardinia 3 1/2 years (my family was with me in 2), visiting 27 countries (some more than once), I couldn’t imagine spending my life in a town of about 3,000.

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I was always getting ear infections because they weren’t draining properly so I had to Sounds Gay I’m In Shirt get to spend. So after I got the surgery I want to a specialist for ears and please note that they were also specialized in sinuses and stuff like that. And I was still getting really sick and still getting ear infections even after a surgery so he recommended I get my tonsils removed. But my mom she was really skeptical about that decision.

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  1. Angela Gracklauer (verified owner)

    Delivery took a little longer than I expected/hoped, but it was worth the wait. The t-shirt I ordered was good quality and the print quality is amazing.

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  2. Dan (verified owner)

    Thank you for such great service, easy to deal with, great quality and fast delivery.

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  3. Patricia Lee (verified owner)

    Easy to use, quick delivery, great quality, no nonsense. No issues whatsoever. Highly recommended and can’t wait to order my next one.

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  4. Natasha Byron (verified owner)

    I ordered a t-shirt and it was of really good quality. Very happy with my shirt and I would definitely recommend it to other people. Thank you.

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  5. Hrvoje Hajnic (verified owner)

    T shirt was good quality and the image print was great. Love the shirt, I will get more done.

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  6. Sara Broetje (verified owner)

    Easy to use, quick delivery, great quality, no nonsense. No issues whatsoever. Highly recommended and can’t wait to order my next one.

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  7. Marci Chmielewski (verified owner)

    Once again outstanding service on this order. “The” only site you’ll ever need for garments and printing.

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  8. Katharina Fischer (verified owner)

    Ordered a hoodie on the Monday was with me by the Thursday. The hoddie didn’t come as I designed it but contacted them and they

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  9. Diane Mrozinski (verified owner)

    Really quick service, really easy to use design tools. And a free sweetie! Thank you.

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  10. Keith Stanley (verified owner)

    They did a very good job. The website was easy to use, the quality of the print is great and everything was super swift and smooth.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.