Bet he just shows up with a bag of St Patrick’s Day Gnome peace love luck shirt money just like his commercials…dude is republican pretending to be democrat because Democrats are at the point where they will pick the devil just because his name isn’t Trump and that’s dangerous. Roomers of Hillary Clinton as a possible Vice President choice of his if nominated just shows he is as corrupt . to pour Recklessly all this money of his into these ads.No need to wonder how reckless he would be with Tax dollars. Kumar, are you part of the 1%? Bloomberg has called farmers and factory workers morons, wants to ration health care, says the working class should not own houses as it contributes to climate change.

St Patrick’s Day Gnome peace love luck shirt, sweater, hoodie, and ladies tee


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Best St Patrick’s Day Gnome peace love luck shirt

Bloomberg is all about destroying the St Patrick’s Day Gnome peace love luck shirt working class and keeping power and wealth for the 1%. Vetting all candidates is what each of us should be doing! We want to know, at least I do, who they really are. Just because they’re democrats doesn’t make them immune to scrutiny. We will get a Democrat in the WH, of that we can be certain unless rampant voter suppression and gerrymandering by GOPers undermines the outcome. you’re obviously handicapped from the neck up. Stop and Frisk coming to your good soon. Over the last few years people have been calling other “racist” and most of them don’t have a racist bone in their body. However, if you need a clear definition of a racist then that would be Mike Bloomberg. He’s a pathetic little man!!


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