I am absolutely gobsmacked with Valentine elephant hugs shirt  how loudly you shout you are that supporter that would watch #3 kill someone on 5th Avenue and say “Way to go, they were an inconvenience!” You want to protect a guy who has a life history of sleaziness from any questions that might expose new sleaziness. It can’t be the money spent because it never bothered you that the Starr investigation took 4 years and could only find consensual sex. Do you know the kind of thing that paid to hide? You certainly never complained when there were 6 investigations into Benghazi and when none of them turned up anything you cheered the Select committee that spent more time and money on it. You have been all for the investigation of “Her Emails”, even though they have been investigated 4 times now. You probably cheered when you heard that had yet again investigated the Clinton Foundation.

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Yet when you heard that was having to pay millions in Valentine elephant hugs shirt restitution for ripping off children’s and veterans’ charities, you continued to exclaim “ best president ever for veterans.” You don’t mind that #3 has been spending tons of money sending Pompeo everywhere trying to find someone to agree to go along with his nonsense. Please note not one country would even dignify the request with a response. When Nixon did these dirty tricks, he knew his party was turning against him. But this guy? Taylor Ashley, shut up girl; you’re looking like an uneducated sheep. But he does like me that way.

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  1. John Green

    Probably the best service that I have ever received buying online in my life, EVER. The order came quickly, the t-shirt print is amazing for the price paid, absolutely excellent. All in All, 10 out of 10. I’m absolutely astonished. They even put in a free sweet as a kind gesture and a gift voucher worth £10 to use on the website!. P.E.R.F.E.C.T!

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