They don’t say ten thousand fewer people then November the Washington Huskies Best Dad Ever Father’s Day year before, let us not forget not only is it barely tolerable how hot it would be going to the NT in November it was also the time of the bushfires.  one of the board of management’s criteria for closing the climb was that the number of people climbing dropped below a certain percentage but the other main one was that they were satisfied the surrounding tourist companies had developed enough alternatives to the climb.  I’d be interested to see the demographic of these tourists. We were there a few years ago, weren’t planning on climbing the rock and it was closed when we were there anyway…ALOT of Asian tourists were very disappointed not to be able to climb…walking around this magical place was definitely enough for us. There’s no “Wow” in this article.


Washington Huskies Best Dad Ever Father’s Day, sweater, hoodie, and ladies tee


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Best Washington Huskies Best Dad Ever Father’s Day

It’s a nonsense rehashing of a Washington Huskies Best Dad Ever Father’s Day known divisive debate, to generate some airspace in an otherwise (take out Covid-19) news vacuum. The article also says, “… said Mr. Batic” (the lobbyist). A quote from the protagonist, without research, evidence, and citations, is just an opinion. The article also said thousands of people had flown to the NT to climb before the closure. You’re right… the NT, like every other State & Territory, will just have to get creative.  I want a bit more objective data about this reduction to arrivals. Which airport, over what period, compared to what, percentage reduction, etc, etc. The figure is a quote from an individual with an expressed interest in reopening the climb.

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