They should have been trying anything to Wine with dewine it’s 2 o’clock somewhere shirt see if it works to stop the spread, the government probably knew this like they knew when the towers in NY we’re going to get hit, people need to wake up they no more then they are telling the people and we are all the dumb ones, Christine, well definitely put those out of work first. And not give the biggest chunk of money to corporate America that just got big tax breaks but did stock buybacks and executives bonuses. And I would have started production increases of personal protective equipment 6 weeks ago. Not hide the possibilities of this virus from the people. Just for starters.  he was advised of this in late December.

Wine with dewine it’s 2 o’clock somewhere shirt, sweater, hoodie, and ladies tee


Ladies tee


Best Wine with dewine it’s 2 o’clock somewhere shirt


For God’s sake, it was even in the news at theWine with dewine it’s 2 o’clock somewhere shirt  beginning of January. He waited until March to pretend to give a crap and that was only after being shamed into taking action. If the pandemic team had not been disbanded we would have had boots on the ground and information concerning the virus months sooner than we did. We could have been ahead of this instead of following behind cleaning up the mess after. This is exactly why a pandemic response team was created with scientists and doctors. 45 called it a hoax, said it was the flu, no need to worry and went golfing. Once again, He ignored the advice of the experts and claimed he was smarter than everyone. Change your 2 weeks to 8 and you might be a little closer to the truth.

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  1. Karsten Boht (verified owner)

    Great work peeps. Shirts and hoodie look great. Super fast service. I will be using you again.

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  2. Mark Boyer (verified owner)

    Great choice of shirt cuts and colours. Printing is good quality. Delivery is quick. Can’t fault it.

    1 product
  3. Hrvoje Hajnic (verified owner)

    Just ordered 2 shirts and can’t wait to order more. Website was so easy to use, base shirt was great quality and choice of style and colour was amazing. We buy a lot of band shirts usually at gigs or from an online store and pay same or more for 1 shirt as I paid for both custom designed shirts. Service is sublime, ordered aabout 9pm on Thursday received 1st post Sat morning. Highly recommended.

    1 product
  4. Patricia Lee (verified owner)

    I ordered a pink sweatshirt with a customised print on top, I was so pleased with the quality of both the actual sweatshirt and the way my print came out. The print wasn’t pixelated, and the colours of the print were exactly the same as the actual photo.

    1 product
  5. Alicia Young (verified owner)

    Can’t fault them, love the shirts.

    1 product
  6. Scott Johnson (verified owner)

    Great quality, great printing and perfect size!! Shipping was speedy enough – my order arrived 2 days after the expected delivery date and a £10 gift voucher came with it as way of apology, which was really thoughtful and appreciated!! Also a vegan sweet, so thanks for that 🙂 I’ll definitely be ordering from you guys again and again for many future occasions. can’t fault it.

    1 product
  7. Kelsea Brown (verified owner)

    Really pleased with how my t shirts turned out.

    1 product
  8. Océane Calvet (verified owner)

    I have only recently found this company but straight away I’ve had 4 orders and all perfect. Delivery is quick and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better service for the price.

    1 product
  9. Deanna Groves (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and great quality products.

    1 product
  10. Courtney Hochgesang (verified owner)

    Excellent quality exactly what I wanted and fast prompt service thank you very much would highly recommend to friends and family

    1 product
  11. Sophie Kalischnig (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and happy with the item.Thank you.

    1 product
  12. Océane Calvet (verified owner)

    Great printing quality and colour selection, a little bit bigger than expected but receiver seems to like so great job.

    1 product
  13. Agnieszka Mazur (verified owner)

    Great quality, great service. Easy to use web site. I will definitely be using again.

    1 product
  14. Eugene Coppney (verified owner)

    Appreciate the speed of delivery and quality of the print and garments.

    1 product
  15. Kelsea Brown (verified owner)

    Delivery and t shirt was 1st class, as they can only print the image you send them i guess the one i sent was not very good, so send a good quality image and you will get a good quality shirt.

    1 product
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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.